Category: Legislation

Condemning Violence and Hate Speech

In response to mass shootings against mosques in a terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, I worked with Mahmud Burton, president of the Al-Huda Islamic Center to write a resolution condemning hate, particularly towards the Muslim community. Status: Passed April 3, 2019 Resolution Condemning Violence and Hate Speech WHEREAS the City of Ithaca’s Diversity Statement […]

Shopping Carts

In response to concerns from residents regarding abandoned shopping carts throughout the city (mostly downtown), I took draft legislation written by former Alderperson Eddie Rooker and working with City Forester Jeanne Grace (whose department somehow ends up dealing with abandoned shopping carts), revised it to address longstanding frustrations she’s had with shopping cart management. Highlights […]

Recognizing the Second Monday of October as “Indigenous Peoples’ Day”

Recognizing that the City of Ithaca rests upon Haudenosaunee land, this ordinance removes all references of Columbus Day from city code and instead recognizes Indigenous Peoples’ Day. I worked with Cayuga Nation leaders, the city’s Director of Human Resources, and the city attorney to write this legislation. Status: Passed September 6, 2017 An Ordinance to […]