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Shelterforce: Did Ithaca Really Cancel Rent?

Shelterforce: Did Ithaca Really Cancel Rent? Ducson Nguyen, alderperson for Ithaca’s Second Ward, expressed skepticism that the state health department would approve the request, but maintained that the effort would pressure state legislators to enact more meaningful and effective action. “I’m hoping that even if the Department of Health doesn’t allow this, the New York […]

Emergency Protection for Ithaca Renters and Small Landlords

Largely written by the Ithaca Tenants Union and modified by me, the mayor, and Alderperson Smith to ease its passage, I sponsored this legislation to request that New York State give us the power to cancel rents and prevent evictions and financial ruin. Status: Passed June 3, 2020 WHEREAS the City of Ithaca has demonstrated […]