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I oppose downzoning West MLK Street

On the July 3, 2019 Common Council agenda, there’s an item (10.7) that came out of the Planning and Economic Development Committee to downzone the 300, 400, and 500 blocks of West MLK/State Street by reducing the maximum height from 6 stories to 5 stories and limiting the first 15 feet of a building to […]

Trump’s executive order on immigration

I am outraged by Trump’s executive order on immigration and the effects its chaotic introduction has had on some of the most vulnerable people on Earth. It’s an action that has led to the detention of refugees already approved for admission, already in the country at American airports, already with family waiting for them in […]

Ithaca Voice: My refugee parents and our American lives

My father’s bottle of cognac slipped out of his grip and plunged into the Saigon River in April 1975. Besides a hastily-packed bag of clothing it was the only thing he carried as he rushed aboard a boat fleeing Vietnam in the final days of one of the most senseless wars in American history. I exist because of that violence, and the American people’s willingness to make amends for it.